Heiko Jäckstein

* 1968 Reinbek

“I would like to paint here!” - “Yeah, yes!” Elderman Kühn answered promptly.

In 1982 Heiko Jäckstein began his artistic work. Trained through intensive private lessons with the English painter Fred Howard Salter (“Well Heiko, look twice - paint once!”). He studied graphic design in Hamburg at the Alsterdamm - school of visual arts. His drawing teacher there was Alfred Mahlau student Lothar Walter (“Why put two lines – when one is enough?”).

Visual artist, academy lecturer and designer

Jäckstein worked as a designer and illustrator in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein for international products. This was followed by a year of study at the European Art Academy in Trier.

As a freelance visual artist, he moved from Hamburg to Lübeck. He got to know the fishing village of Gothmund as an inspiring, extraordinary place “with a soul”. Since 2013, 260 paintings have been created en plein air in Gothmund, Israelsdorf and the Trave region.

He teaches at art academies and art schools in Germany, including five years at the European Art Academy in Trier.

In 2013, Jäckstein rediscovered the fishermen's village as an artists' colony and impressionist artist location. Since then, the artist has been researching the history of the Gothmund artist colony, which was founded in 1889, and has published - for the first time in art history - about the Impressionist colony in the fishing village near Lübeck.

In 2023, Heiko Jäckstein published - together with Marlis Zahn - the ten-year research work in a 248-page art book: "Come with me to Gothmund! - Generations of artists in the fishing village and in the travel landscape" / Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus, Fischerhude. The Jäckstein & Zahn team also curated the first Gothmund exhibition (in 500 years! :-) on behalf of the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck, Gallery of the 19th Century and Classical Modernism, with works by Ernst Eitner, Christian Rohls, Johannes Martini to on Heiko Jäckstein's current works.

The exhibition was accompanied by a large national press response.

Heiko Jäckstein lives and works in Lübeck.


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