Heiko Jäckstein

* 1968 Reinbek

„I would like to paint here!“ - “Yup, go fer it!“ answered the patriarch Kuehn without pausing for thought.

In 1982 began the artistic paining of Heiko Jaeckstein. Educated through intensive private training from the English painter Fred Howard Salter (“Well Heiko, look twice – paint once!“). He studied graphic design in Hamburg on the Alsterdamm - school of visual arts. His drawing teacher, the Alfred Mahlau-student Lothar Walter: “Why use two brush-strokes – when on is enough?“.

Visual Artist, academy lecturer and designer

Following his education, Jaeckstein worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for international products in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. An additional year of education at the Europäischen Kunstakademie Trier followed In 2002 .

As a an independent graphic designer he was compelled to move from Hamburg to Luebeck. He then discovered and began to learn about “the soul” of the inspirational and

unique fishing village of Gothmund. Since 2013 over 130 "plein air" and in large format, in his atelier, have been created in connection with this theme.

Heiko Jaeckstein is to this day a lecturer at the European art academy of Trier.

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