A visit with the LN to the “most beautiful fishing village in the world”

A year ago today, on April 23, 2023, the opening of the first art exhibition in the history of the fishing village of Gothmund took place.
In the crowded hallway of the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Lübeck, gallery of the 19th century and classical modernism, culture enthusiasts crowded around to listen to the words of the director, Dr. Alexander Bastek, the executive director of the LÜBECK MUSEUMS, Dr. Tilmann von Stockausen, and the exhibition curator Heiko Jäckstein (curated together with Marlis Zahn).
On the walls of the venerable museum, which are mainly reserved for the triumph of German Impressionism - Liebermann - Slevogt - Corinth - there were works from 175 years of art on the Trave for 3/4 of a year: Cordes - Eitner - Martini - Rohlfs - Jackstein...

A year later, the Lübecker Nachrichten took up the topic of Gothmund again. The search is on for the most beautiful village square in Schleswig-Holstein in a nationwide competition organized by the Schleswig-Holstein Community Association and the Schleswig-Holstein Local History Association. The visit and search for this place in one of the most beautiful villages in Lübeck was of course unavoidable.

However, we quickly realized that there is not one nice place in the fishing village! Gothmund is beautiful in its entirety from start to finish. Stop the "most beautiful fishing village in the world" - a magical place.

The first art historical research from ten years is summarized and published in the book "Come with us to Gothmund! - Generations of artists in the fishing village and in the travel landscape", editors and main authors Heiko Jäckstein and Marlis Zahn, Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus, Fischerhude, 2023.

Many thanks to the editor of the Lübecker Nachrichten, Cosima Künzel, for the very pleasant collaboration, for the interview / video attached in the link and the article in the LN and the photo provided to us.

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