Ernst Eitner's sketches

From the 1890 sketchbook

One of the great treasures of the exceptional Hamburg artist Ernst Eitner is his largely unknown sketchbooks. A cornucopia full of wonderfully formulated watercolors, strongly contrasted black-and-white compositions and breathed coal fog in which an old boat appears out of nowhere. From the 1890 sketchbook "Gothmund" there is a sketch of the Israelsdorfer Hirtenteich with the (two) oaks that are still present today. It seems as if the two-sided sketch of the fishing village with the view of the towbridge has grown together "overhead".

The etching of the shepherd's pond from 1938 suggests that Eitner probably visited the area of the Travebogen over a period of five decades. The famous oak that dominated the ensemble until 1932 can no longer be found in his etching.

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