Israelsdorf in der Kunsthalle der EKA Trier

New works by Heiko Jäckstein

For the first time, Jäckstein publishes his Israelsdorf works, which have been created in Gothmund's neighboring town between crooked houses and herds of cows on the pasture since 2016.

In 2019 the "Light of Israelsdorf" shone as far as Trier. "Israelsdorf 17 - the children of Israelsdorf" - a homage to the grand master of landscape art Carl Malchin (1838-1923) - sheds light on rural life and the idea of home in the industrial age around 1900.

The work was part of the annual show of the lecturers of the European Art Academy Trier. The show was titled "(no) roots" and the question of artistic roots, and with the participation of international lecturers, it met with a wide response.

"Israelsdorf" is classified under "Heiko Jäckstein" in the Gothmund picture categories.

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