In the following links, you will find information about Gothmund and the Artists' colony as well as the individual artists who have worked in and around Gothmund.

Luebecker Beitraege zur Familien- und Wappenkunde, Band 69 "Gothmund"

300 pages of history about the fishing families of Gothmund, 50 pages of which are about the artists' colony there, written by Heiko Jaeckstein.
Published "Verein für Familienforschung e.V.", Luebeck,, ISSN 2366-1240

Jaeckstein - Gothmund - Paintings

Catalog on the occasion of the first Exposition of Jaeckstein paintings (from the fishing village) as displayed in the art gallery Kunstraum 70, Luebeck.
52 pages, color images, softcover, available for 10 Euro (+ shipping)

Ernst Eitner - ein Hamburger Maler des Lichts

Photo series of the life and complete work of the Hamburg impressionist

Published by Atelier im Bauernhaus, Fischerhude,, 186 pages, ISBN 978-3-88132-340-6

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