A pearl, in a lagoon, along the river

Strung like a chain of pearls on the bank shining bank of the Trave river: this tranquil fisherman's village has been there for hundreds of years!

Beginning with a few simple shelters and sheds, the city-fishermen of Lübeck, ca. 1502, founded a point of refuge in the middle of the long stretch of river between the Baltic Ocean and the historic city center, which became a bustling village. Nearly two dozen cottages sprung up between the steep coastal cliffs and the bank of the river Trave. Life in the village remained quite simplistic and the families there lived from catching and selling fish in nearby Luebeck for hundreds of years. There was even a small school in the village and and the local guest house, "Fischerklause", was the meeting point for locals and visitors until the day it shut its doors in the 1980's.

So what about Napoleon? Was the general himself here, searching in vain for the fleeing residents of the abandoned village?

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