Trave View

Following a journey to or walk through the charming houses of Isrealsdorf dating back to the 1960's, which stand on the former fields of Gothmund, the “Gothmunder Way” ends ... in Gothmund! You've made it to the village. You will likely notice there are just a few parking places.

Before you head off to discover the village, take a moment to walk down to river Trave itself. Just a tip: Keep going straight ahead! On your right is a wonderful view of Gothmund and the lagoon harbor also know as “the Schuelln” (which is private property). Then you are just a few meters from the river. With a bit of luck, you will pass an illustrious number of historic and modern boats traveling downriver to Luebeck or upriver to Travemuende and the Baltic Sea.

Liubice – First church service since 880 years

The legendary "Liubice", a Slavic colony which preceded Luebeck (ca. 819 – 1138 AD), once lay a short distance up the Trave on the opposite bank of the village. From the former colony, only the foundation of the one-time church still remains. On the 7. June 2018, during their 875th anniversary, the hanseatic city of Luebeck celebrated its first open-air church service in the “mother of all churches”.

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