Gothmund Artist Colony - There is still light!

Genius loci - Vivat Gothmund!

longing - seeking - places: The lush gardens full of boats and drying pots, sometimes in a flickering atmosphere - fascinating!

Welcome to the Gothmund Artist Colony. Breathe in the special atmosphere of this over 500 years old cultural place. Stop and feel the touch of history. Join me on a special tour of the village. To the left and right of the Fischerweg, the old "Klönsnack" path, we listen to the old fishing families and their anecdotes.

Halfway from Lübeck's old town to the fashionable seaside resort of Travemünde, well hidden between the steep slope and the Trave, "dat oll Goodmunde" was a longing for the impressionists of the 19th century. Completely forgotten by the public, the fishing village, piece by piece, shows itself as a generation-spanning yearning place for picture seekers and motif fishermen.

The original topography, old thatched roofs, barges and netmakers: The simple and manageable life of the fishing families were versatile motives. Meet famous and unknown artists who have discovered this place for themselves.

Gothmund, the lagoon pearl on the Trave, is full of puzzles. A true treasure chest! A homage to the inhabitants and the last professional fishermen, who give Gothmund a soul ... and to the artists who "put modern art on their backs" and brought it far to the north. The impressionists, they have left some light!

With greetings from Gothmund,

Signatur Heiko Jäckstein
Heiko Jäckstein

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