A walk through Gothmund with NDR

"Gothmund - Lübeck's little artist's paradise"

Under this title, NDR television broadcast a report from the fishing village of Gothmund for its "Stadteilgeschichten" in "Schleswig-Holstein Magazin". NDR reporter Carsten Prehn and camerawoman Brit Hansen accompanied Heiko Jäckstein for a day searching for motifs and painting through the village to the garden of the fisherman's master and senior man Bernd Kühn.

Jäckstein's new companion, the "Gothsmobil", a perfect pulling cart that holds all painting utensils including canvases for comfortable transport, was used for the first time. What would his painting colleagues have said about this vehicle 130 years ago?

The video can also be found on Atelier Jäckstein, on the Vimeo channel of the artists' colony and currently in the NDR media library.

Many thanks to NDR for the permission to publish!

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